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This page gives you more information on Durians, Laksa and related topics. It also provides sources of additional information.

Further down on this page you will find links to other websites that may be of interest.

Laksa Spices.

Here are just some of the spices and herbs that you will require for making Laksa.


English Name: Shallots.
Malay Name: Bawang merah.

Mint leaves.

English Name: Mint.
Malay Name: Daun Pudina.


English Name: Tumeric.
Malay Name: Kunyit.

Dried chillies.

English Name: Dried Chillies.
Malay Name: Cabai Kering.


English Name: Lemongrass.
Malay Name: Serai.


English Name: Tamarind.
Malay Name: Asam.


English Name: Galangal.
Malay Name: Lengkuas.

Fresh red chilli.

English Name: Red Chilli.
Malay Name: Cabai Merah.

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Books on Fruit.

Please note that the books shown here are merely as a list of titles on the relevant topic which you may find of interest. It does not mean that we have endorsed, reviewed or are promoting them.

Durian, The True Pearl of the Orient.
By Peta Yeap.
Published by Pepeta Sdn Bhd (580431-P), 2006.
ISBN 983-41186-0-0.

Durian: King of Tropical Fruit.
By Suranant Subhadrabandhu & Saichol Ketsa
Published by CABI, 2001.
ISBN-10: 0851994962.
ISBN-13: 978-0851994963.

The Encyclopedia of Malaysia - Plants.
Volume Editor Dr E. Soepadmo.
Published by Archipelago Press.
First published 1998.
ISBN 981 3018 40 2.

Exotic Fruits A - Z.
By Josephine Bacon.
A Xanadu Book, 1988.
ISBN 0-947761-40-3.

Tropical Fruit.
By Desmond Tate.
Archipelago Press, 1999.

Books on Cooking.

Penang Nyonya Cooking: Foods of my Childhood.
By Cecilia Tan.
Published by Times Books International, Reprinted 2001.
ISBN 981 204 309 8

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About this website.

All photos and images are original and have been produced for this website. The copy text has also been especially written for this website. You are welcome to borrow information or images from this site so long as you state that it has come from Fruit n Spice and provide a link back to our site. The internet is for sharing but lets please acknowledge the originators as a matter of courtesy.

This website has been hand coded with both its usability and accessibility in mind.

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Links to other websites.

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Here are a selection of website links to related topics on Durians, Penang, Food and Fruits that may be of interest. The list is not meant to be a comprehensive list but just a few on each topic that we have considered to be noteworthy. If you cannot find what you want here, you might like to try using a Search Engine like Google. If you find an interesting site why not share it with us and we can add it to the list.

However we would like to point out that these external websites are not under our control as they are owned and operated by third parties. Therefore we are not responsible and make no warranties in respect of the contents of those external websites including any goods or services offered.

We have posted these links in good faith and cannot be held responsible for the content or any changes in content from the time the original link was made. By using these links you do so under your own free will and acknowledge any risks involved in using them.

Good information and photos on Durian's by an enthusiasts.
Lots of useful information on Durians. You can even add your own to the knowledge bank.

Nature Watch, Nature Society (Singapore).
Article on the importance of bats for the pollination of Durians.
Some interesting postings on Durians; from Durian Deaths to Tigers eating Durians.
Some background and historical information on Durians.

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Durian Recipes.
Durian recipes including: Durian Pancake & Pulut Durian.
Durian ice cream recipe.
Various Durian recipes from cakes to ice cream.
Durian Cheese pie recipe.
Durian Cream Puff recipe.
Durian Cake recipe.

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Malaysian Fruits.
A selection of Malaysian fruits with photos and descriptions.
A selection of Malaysian fruits with photos and descriptions includes Jackfruit, Papaya, Mango, Rambutan, etc.
Ciku, Durian, Rambutan, Starfruit, Coconut, etc.
Lots of pictures and info on Malaysian fruits

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Laksa Recipes.
Lots of info and different recipes on Laksa.
Good authentic Malaysian Laksa recipes with photos. Also other great Chinese, Thai and Nyonya recipes.
Penang Asam Laksa recipe.
Watch video on YouTube on how to make Laksa. There are several additional links, mostly of Curry laksa.
A curry laksa recipe.
Delia Smith's, (renowned UK TV chef) version.
Laksa lemak (coconut curry based) recipe.
Yet another recipe.

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Malaysian Food.
Blog site on good places to eat around Penang and Malaysia in general.
Write up on different Malaysian foods.
Different foods including Malay, Chinese, and Indian foods. Back ground and listings of different foods.
Lots of different foods and recipes.
Write up on Malaysian food divided into ethnic types.

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Penang Information.
The Penang tourism website with great hints and tips on what to see, eat and do.
Good background information on Penang including it's history, geography, climate, demography, economy, culture, etc.
Some nice pictures of Penang by area.
General information on Penang.

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Malaysia Information.
Official Malaysian tourism site.
A travel guide to Malaysia.
Another Malaysian tourism site.
Travel guide, news, travel guide, facts, etc.

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